Lifesaving Trauma Care Close to Home

When Galen Chandler was bitten by a rattlesnake while inspecting cattle in west Texas, he was more than an hour away from the higher-level trauma facility in Amarillo. Galen knew he needed emergency care as soon as possible and drove himself to Hereford Regional Medical Center in just 20 minutes. Once there, Galen received the

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Trusted Care When You Need It Most

Galen Chandler is a cattle inspector, work that takes him to some remote areas of West Texas. He had never been a patient at Hereford Regional Medical Center before, but when he was bitten by a rattlesnake, he immediately knew he could depend on them to save his life. Galen was bitten at a

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Galen Chandler’s Story

Galen Chandler was inspecting cattle at a ranch near Bootleg when he felt a pinprick on his ankle and heard ... but never saw ... a rattlesnake. He suspected a bite and knew the best course of action was expert medical attention. He knew Hereford Regional Medical Center could help and was much closer

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