When Galen Chandler was bitten by a rattlesnake while inspecting cattle in west Texas, he was more than an hour away from the higher-level trauma facility in Amarillo. Galen knew he needed emergency care as soon as possible and drove himself to Hereford Regional Medical Center in just 20 minutes. Once there, Galen received the expert medical attention he needed, with the medical team stabilizing him with multiple medications so he could safely be transferred to the higher-level facility in Amarillo.

When his life was in danger, Galen immediately thought of Hereford Regional Medical Center, where he knew he would receive the timely, expert emergency care he needed.

Stories like Galen’s highlight the critical role HRMC has in our community. Having reliable trauma care close to home can make all the difference for patients like Galen, and HRMC is committed to providing the best emergency care for anyone who may need it.

As a level IV trauma facility, HRMC has the tools and resources to evaluate and stabilize patients in emergency situations. Having the right equipment and skilled personnel to initiate lifesaving care is crucial when every second counts.