July 12, 2023


Get Great Rehabilitation Care & Stay Close to Home

When Hereford resident James Self experienced neck pain and soreness that neither self-care remedies nor a chiropractor could heal, he faced the choice between driving hours each week to get physical therapy in Amarillo or going right down the road to the physical therapists at Hereford Regional Medical Center.

He chose to stay closer to home for the physical therapy he needed, saving time and money in travel costs and getting the high-quality care he needed to feel better and regain mobility and function.

“It was one of the best medical decisions I’ve made,” said Self. “As soon as I walked into the facility I knew I was in good hands. The folks here at Hereford Regional Medical Center are knowledgeable, qualified, and friendly, and the equipment and facilities are top-notch.”

The physical therapy team worked with James twice a week in the facility, while also providing guidance and instruction for him to continue his exercises at home. The rehabilitation team even gave him equipment to take home and use.

After just a few weeks of physical therapy at Hereford Regional Medical Center, James’ neck pain and soreness were gone, along with the idea that he had to travel far away to get excellent medical care.

“You don’t have to leave Hereford to get great medical treatment,” said Self. “You’re going to get outstanding care close to your home with great facilities, equipment, and people.”

Hereford Regional Medical Center offers high-quality rehabilitation facilities where qualified medical professionals deliver physical therapy, occupational therapy, and speech therapy for individuals needing to regain function after an illness, injury, or accident and those experiencing chronic pain.

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