Trusted Care When You Need It Most

Galen Chandler is a cattle inspector, work that takes him to some remote areas of West Texas. He had never been a patient at Hereford Regional Medical Center before, but when he was bitten by a rattlesnake, he immediately knew he could depend on them to save his life. Galen was bitten at a

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Congratulations, Johnny Trotter!

Johnny Trotter is President and General Manager of Bar-G Feedyard in Hereford, and he and his family have been major supporters of our local healthcare system for many years. The Deaf Smith County Hospital District is proud to congratulate him for receiving the Harry Holt "Good Neighbor Award" from the West Texas Rehab Center

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IV Nurse Day

When you picture a nurse changing an IV bag or drawing blood, you may not realize that the work they do is part of an intravenous (IV) specialty. This specialty requires skill and expert training to ensure that patients receive expert care that is as painless as possible. IV nurses are responsible for administering

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