When you picture a nurse changing an IV bag or drawing blood, you may not realize that the work they do is part of an intravenous (IV) specialty. This specialty requires skill and expert training to ensure that patients receive expert care that is as painless as possible.

IV nurses are responsible for administering rehydration fluids, medications, and blood transfusions, monitoring how patients respond to IV treatments, and ensuring that the patient does not develop an infection from the IV treatment or equipment. IV nurses administer lifesaving medicines while also providing information and comfort to patients who may be in an uncomfortable situation.

IV Nurses Day was established in the U.S. in 1980 to celebrate and recognize the important part that IV nurses play in caring for patients. IV nurses are regularly on the frontlines of care, and today is a great reminder to appreciate the critical work IV nurses are doing to manage IV treatments and make this vital care as painless as possible.

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