Galen Chandler was inspecting cattle at a ranch near Bootleg when he felt a pinprick on his ankle and heard … but never saw … a rattlesnake. He suspected a bite and knew the best course of action was expert medical attention. He knew Hereford Regional Medical Center could help and was much closer than hospitals in Amarillo. Driving quickly and deteriorating rapidly, he arrived at HRMC’s emergency room in under 20 minutes.

Galen experienced a systemic reaction to the rattlesnake bite, with venom spreading quickly throughout his body. The emergency room team at HRMC quickly identified the systemic reaction, and immediately got to work administering multiple vials of anti-venom, fluids, and blood pressure stabilizers to Galen. As the anti-venom began to work, and Galen’s condition improved, there remained a serious risk that his condition could worsen, so the decision was made to have him flown to the hospital in Amarillo for additional treatment.

HRMC’s team monitored Galen as they waited for the helicopter to arrive and ensured that he would be stable enough to travel to the higher-level trauma facility in Amarillo.

Cases involving snake bites are rare, but HRMC had the right medicines and expert personnel to quickly deliver the critical trauma care that Galen needed.

Today, Galen is doing well and will never forget the time he drove himself to the emergency room for lifesaving treatment!

As a level IV trauma facility, HRMC has the tools and resources to evaluate and stabilize patients in emergency situations. Having the right equipment and skilled personnel to initiate lifesaving care is crucial when every second counts.

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