February 8, 2023


Reaching Patients Where They Are with the Community Paramedicine Program

The community paramedicine program at Hereford Regional Medical Center represents a significant investment in the health of our community. This program creates a team of paramedics, nurses, social workers, physicians, and respiratory therapists to provide care for patients after they have left the hospital.

This team is designed to address any health care needs a patient may have after a hospital visit. Whether it is getting prescriptions, providing transportation to follow-up visits, or connecting patients with a social worker, the community paramedicine program is ready to offer assistance.

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The ability to reach patients at their home allows us to provide great care for more people, and to reach patients who may not have otherwise have access to the follow-up care they need. The community paramedicine team is able to address a wide range of health care and other needs in patients’ homes, including safety or living condition issues that could negatively impact care and outcomes. Additionally, we make sure our patients have access to the medicine and equipment they need, as well as any educational resources and information to promote a great recovery.

Our care doesn’t just end when a patient leaves our hospital. With the community paramedicine program, we ensure patients have everything they need to recover successfully at home after a hospital visit.

Learn more about the community paramedicine program and see it in action here.

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