by Jeff Barnhart, CEO

Over the course of just several weeks, our way of life has been turned upside down. I know everyone is experiencing the challenges of self isolation and social distancing in different ways. It’s unsettling for all of us to be apart from friends, family, co-workers and neighbors. We are a social community, and our social bonds are important. I know those bonds are strong, and they will survive this challenge.

At Hereford Regional Medical Center, we’re doing our part to make sure you maintain not just a medical connection…but a personal connection as well…with your trusted health care providers. We know that illnesses of all kinds don’t take a break just because of COVID-19. Kids still get ear infections; common colds still slow us down; and everyone is susceptible to the occasional stomach upset. We also know you still have chronic conditions to manage. Diabetes, high blood pressure and arthritis require daily management, and we’re here to make sure you have what you need.

We are offering two types of virtual clinic visits so you don’t have to come in person to get the health care you need.

The first is virtual check-in visits for established patients with minor, non-urgent primary health care needs, such as medication refills. This visit consists of a brief telephone conversation (5 minutes or less) with a medical provider.  This visit isn’t appropriate for anyone who is sick or experiencing symptoms of an acute illness. 

The second virtual visit is a telehealth visit for new or established Hereford Health Clinic patients with mild symptoms of an acute illness, such as fever, cough, nausea or headache.  A telehealth visit consists of an interactive audio and video telecommunication between the physician or nurse practitioner at Hereford Health Clinic and the patient at home. These visits may be provided through everyday communication technologies such as FaceTime or Skype. 

To schedule a virtual check in or telehealth visit, please call us at 806-364-7512. 

And, as always, our ER is open 24-hours-a-day, seven days a week for medical emergencies.

Thank you for choosing Hereford Health Clinic for your health care needs. We are here when you need us.