Rural health care comes with its own set of special challenges. It is a unique part of the industry, and organizations in urban areas don’t always deal with the same challenges we do. They also don’t always benefit from the same kinds of opportunities we get in rural settings. One example of that is the kind of commitment that comes from the staff we employ who make our hospital and clinic run so well for the patients we serve.

Recently, Hereford Regional Medical Center and several of our team members were recognized for their performance by being named by the Hereford Brand‘s readers as the Best of Deaf Smith County.  This recognition is the perfect example of what makes our organization special. To be recognized by the patients we serve is truly special.

Congratulations to our team, our organization, and all of those who serve the Deaf Smith County Hospital District and the patients it was designed to serve.

Best Doctor:
Dr. Trevor Rohm





Best Nurse:
Candice Smith, MSN


Best EMT: Terry Hazlett

Hereford Regional Medical Center was also recognized for its services in physical therapy and rehabilitation.