by Jeff Barnhart, CEO

Our singular mission at Hereford Regional Medical Center is to provide the highest quality of health care close to home. We know that travel to Amarillo or beyond is burdensome…financially, emotionally and logistically. That’s why we invest in the services and personnel our residents need to get….and stay….healthy.

One of those services is wound care. While many of us take the body’s healing and repair of wounds for granted, for some it’s a challenge. Diabetes, cancer treatment, immunosuppression, age, vascular disease, malnutrition or a number of other causes can delay or prevent a wound from healing properly, leading to larger infection and possibly limb amputation or even death.

An estimated 6.5 million Americans are living with chronic wounds – those that are slow to heal. And, we know that chronic wounds are much more prevalent among people with diabetes. In fact, about 80,000 adults with diabetes undergo a leg or foot amputation each year because of a non-healing wound. Most of those wounds started with a simple ulcer. Treating these ulcers early and with the most appropriate wound healing techniques is critical to avoiding amputation.

That’s why we invested in wound care services. Our wound care experts include a certified wound care nurse and an operating room-trained nurse. These professionals work hand-in-hand with our physicians to maximize healing and minimize the risk of infection and complication. Whether you’re an inpatient at Hereford Regional Medical Center or need outpatient wound care management, our team has you covered.

Make an appointment with our team today if you have concerns about a slow healing wound. Call (806) 364-2141 to schedule.

And, I encourage you to attend our upcoming March 10 education session on Diabetic Nutrition and Wound Care. Designed for our residents with diabetes, the free hour-long program is led by our dietician and certified wound care nurse. More information is available from our Facebook page.

Stay well.