Who Needs Physical Therapy?

If you are recovering from a sports injury, a broken bone, or a stroke, or if you have arthritis, a bad knee or a backache, you may be a candidate for physical therapy. At HRMC Rehab Services, the physical therapy department will work with your physician to devise a plan that will bring you back to the fitness level you desire as quickly as possible.

The Rehab Services Department at Hereford Regional Medical Center offers various modalities to help you:

  • Regain Mobility
  • Reduce Pain and Suffering
  • Retrain Joints and Muscles

Physical Therapist work with you to devise an individualized exercise program that you can continue at home, once your condition improves.

Treatments include:
– moist heat
– traction
– massage
– pool therapy
– education
– whirlpool
– wound care
– iontophoresis
– ultrasound
– electrical stimulation
– exercise and stretching
– joint mobilization

HRMC’s Physical Therapy department is a great source for information about arthritis, muscular sclerosis, Parkinson’s disease, osteoporosis and back safety. Aquatic therapy is now offered within the department.

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