Your health care is our priority. To determine where improvements are necessary, we participate in the Hospital Consumer Assessment of Health Providers and Systems (HCAHPS) survey. The HCAHPS survey measures your satisfaction with the quality of your care. It is a standardized tool for measuring and reporting satisfaction across all hospitals in the U.S.

Specifically, the HCAHPS survey asks respondents to rate hospital care based on whether or not the measured action took place, and if so, how frequently the patient perceived the action to take place.

Patients are invited to complete a 32-question survey within 48 hours to six weeks after leaving the hospital. The 32 questions are rolled up to provide 10 measures, which together provide a snapshot of each patient’s experience.

The HCAHPS survey questions focus on doctor and nurse communication, hospital cleanliness and noise levels, pain control, and medication and post-discharge care instructions. The questionnaire offers a view of a hospital’s commitment to quality patient care through the lens of a patient.

  • Patients indicate if they would recommend the hospital by choosing one of four options: definitely yes, probably yes, probably no, or definitely no. The percentage of patients who answered yes they would definitely recommend the hospital is compared to the national average of patients who also responded “definitely yes.”
  • Patients provide an overall rating using a scale of 1 to 10 from worst to best respectively. The percentage of patients who rated the hospital high (9 or 10) is compared to the national average of patients who rated their hospitals high.
  • For all other questions, patients answer questions with “never,” “sometimes,” “usually,” or “always.” The percentage of patients who answered “always” is compared to the national average of patients who responded “always.”

We recognize that as your community healthcare organization, it is our responsibility to provide quality care to all patients we serve. It is our goal to keep making improvements as deemed by the results of the HCAHPS. If you would like to review, our latest HCAHPS results reported to Hospital Compare, please see below –

Survey of Patient ExperiencesHereford Regional Medical CenterTexas AverageNational Average
Patients who reported that their nurses "Always" communicated well 74%*80%80%
Patients who reported that their doctors "Always" communicated well86%*83%82%
Patients who reported that they "Always" received help as soon as they wanted55%*70%69%
Patients who reported that their pain was "Always" well controlled65%*73%71%
Patients who reported that staff "Always" explained about medicines before giving it to them53%*67%65%
Patients who reported that their room and bathroom were "Always" clean75%*75%74%
Patients who reported that the area around their room was "Always" quiet at night68%*69%62%
Patients who reported that YES, they were given information about what to do during their recovery at home79%*86%87%
Patients who "strongly Agree" they understood their care when they left the hospital47%*53%52%
Patients who gave their hospital a rating of 9 or 10 on a scale from 0 (lowest) to 10 (highest)59%*74%72%
Patients who reported Yes, they would definitely recommend the hospital62%*74%72%

*Fewer than 100 patients completed the HCAHPS survey. Use these scores with caution, as the number of surveys may be too low to reliably assess hospital performance.

While we strive to improve patient satisfaction through quality care to our patients and their families, we must recognize our opportunities for improvement.  Based on the ongoing review of survey results, we understand that communication between staff, doctors and our patients have not always been effective or timely.  We understand that our patients believe that we need to increase efforts to provide assistance and pain alleviation in a more timely and effective manner. We must also recognize that our patients do not always understand the new medications prior to administration.  In addition, we want to be the choice healthcare option for all our community and surrounding residents.  We believe that it is of the utmost importance to educate our patients and families about what to expect after leaving the hospital.  Our concern is great and in efforts to improve patient experience and satisfaction, we will be implementing a program of hourly rounding. 

Implementation of this program ensures that a staff member will present hourly to the room to proactively address the needs of the patient, answer questions, provide information about the plan of care, and to begin or continue preparation for hospital discharge.  Our goal is to provide you, the patient, with the type of care that we would want for our family or ourselves.

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