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New Partnership with Laura W. Bush Institute for Women’s Health

To A New Partnership

Hereford Regional Medical Center is teaming up with the Laura W. Bush Institute for Women’s Health to fight breast cancer in the Panhandle.  The Laura W. Bush Institute for Women’s Health has developed a program called ABC4WT (Access to Breast Care for West Texas).  The program provides resources for breast cancer prevention and screenings, including breast exams and mammograms.  ABC4WT has extended itself in the form of C-STOPP (Cancer Screening, Treatment, Outreach and Prevention for the Panhandle) giving women who do not have access to health care the opportunity for breast screening.   

ABC4WT C-STOPP is not a program of poverty.  It will help the impoverished but does not necessarily only cover those at the poverty line.  Who is eligible?  There are six requirements: 1) must be a Texas resident, 2) citizenship not considered, 3) cannot have any insurance coverage, 4) need identification, 5) proof of Texas address, and 6) income verification/proof of assistance.  Karen Yarbrough, Program Coordinator recently met with Dee Salinas, HRMC Quality Liaison to discuss the partnership and recited some of their most recent cases.  In one case, a mother had 3 children and her husband worked for a county department.  She had been laid off from a long time job which had great insurance.  She looked for another job that was enough to keep money coming in.  It was more efficient to put insurance on just the children through her husband’s job and leave herself out, as most moms do.  Mom’s usually come last.  This family was not poor they just couldn’t afford the extra expense of a mammogram. 

There are hundreds of women in West Texas diagnosed with breast cancer every year.  HRMC recognizes the need for local mammography and with the introduction of a new hospital HRMC will be able to perform mammograms in the radiology department.  The partnership with ABC4WT C-STOPP will help find funds for those women who need breast screening but cannot afford to pay for it.  It is a very simple process.  The program will very soon be able to touch the lives of Hereford residents and the residents of Dimmitt, Friona and Vega.  For more information call Sharon Felts at 806-354-0955.




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